How to prepare for a BBQ

Ever invited people over for a BBQ and then realised, mid cooking, that you forgot to buy ketchup?  Our BBQ checklist will help you organise a great BBQ.  This list will be helpful to whatever size of BBQ event you are organising.  Just adjust the quanitities.

Shopping List

Preparing a shopping list for your BBQ greatly reduces the chances you wo=ill forget something.  Your shopping list should include:


Meat/Protein.  What type of meat do your guests prefer?  Chicken, beef, pork?  Will there be children?  Formal or informal?  You can never go wrong with sausages and burgers for the kids, and the young at heart.

Salad.  Side salads serve to balance heavy protein.

Vegetables.  Read here for vegetable BBQ ideas.

Fruits: You can get creative here.  Nutella Banana?

Drinks: Alcohol.  Soft Drinks.  WATER.  Don’t forget water.

Zip bags for marinades.  Aluminium Foil (can help you clean easily afterwards), and cling film.  Are you going to use disposable dishes, cups and cutlery?

Charcoal or gas 

Bread.  And Garlic Bread!


A few tips!

Rubs or marinade for your BBQ protein 

Do you need to to marinade your meat?  Or vegetables?  

Marinating your food before grilling gives it added flavour and some marinades and rubs also tenderise your meat.

Sides and Vegetables for your BBQ

Sides such as salads, grilled vegetables and pottatoes balance out the protein.

Sauces and Dips

Ketchup.  Mustard. BBQ sauce.  But you can create your own sauces.

And dips.  Prepare vegetables, crackers and other stuff to nibble on whilst your guests are waiting for their food.

For the BBQ chef

Rule number one.  Check that your grill is working and that you have gass or charcoal.  Will not be much of a BBQ unless you have a qorking grill.

Also.  prepare your tools, aprons etc, so you can focus on the food.

BBQ Drinks

Beer.  Wine.  Soft drinks.  Cocktails.  And water.

Prepare beforehand, and unless you have a refrigerator handy it would be a good idea to use ice to keep your drinks cold.


Yummy desserts on your BBQ.

BBQ Entertainment

Music is essential.  Unless you’re asking your guys over for a specifc event.  You wouldn’t want music playing when your team scored that winning goal!

Whatever your event make sure you have some entertainment.  Clowns, paint facing and a jumping castle are all great ideas if you have kids around.

Cleaning Up

Cover all areas possible with foil, espcially the fat drian.  It will make life much easier when it comes to clean.

Keep bins handy, so you don’t have to clean up the mess after.  And although we are all in for recycling, we would be lying if we would not highlight the greatness of disposable stuff.  Plate.  Used.  Bin.

One last thing.  Enjoy your grilling experience.