Bull Outdoor Kitchen innovative finishes by Coverlam

Bull manufactures items that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that are also functional and built to last.  We have for the past months been working hard on finding a finishing material for our outdoor kitchens that meets not only our expectations but also those of your customers!  We needed a material that was great to look at, tough and durable and very functional.


Just like Bull products, Grespania’s Coverlam is the result of years of research and development, with innovation, creativity and a passion for high quality ceramics. The revolutionary technology used in the manufacture of Coverlam means that Grespania can produce large sheets of material (300cm x 100cm) with a thickness of 3.5mm.  This allows us to create seamless finishes on our outdoor kitchen counter tops and now even on the bases!  Having a seamless finish has various advantages.  Being visually very attractive with clean modern lines is one of them but it is important to remember that an outdoor kitchen’s main aim is for food preparation and cooking.  Our seamless counter tops manufactured with Coverlam have no wide joins, no porous grouting and therefore are much easier to keep clean and bacteria free and looking fantastic.

The innovative process used to create Coverlam not only produces a great material, but also uses a manufacturing process that utilises less raw material from quarries, and reduces CO2 emissions, making Coverlam a more environmentally friendly alternative material.


Look  here for comparison charts with other materials and if you would like even more information on Grespania’s Coverlam material then please click here.